Meet Young Jackfruit

Many consider it to be a wonder tree. You can eat its fruit and even use its roots as medicine

Archaeological findings in India shows that Jackfruit has been around close to 6,000 years

Packed with essential goodies like dietary Fibre, Vitamin B6, Magnesium and potassium

Largest of all tree-borne fruits, it can grow up to 90cm long, 50cm wide and 50 kg in weight

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“The goal is not simply for you to cross the finish line, but to see how many people you can inspire to run with you”

– Simon Sinek

At Just Veggies, mindful living is at the core of everything we believe in. Living mindfully is the art of being fully present in each and every moment in our everyday activities, from brushing our teeth to making stressful deadlines on time. It gives us the ability to find clarity in the midst of chaos. Mindful living means we are mindful of our thoughts, feelings, how we interact with other beings and also our impact on the environment.

When it comes to eating, being mindful means being conscious of how our food choices affect our body, other sentient beings and the planet Earth. Choosing plant based, nutrition rich, natural food which are free from animal cruelty, is an essential part of mindful eating and thankfully, no longer such a difficult choice to make!

We are experiencing a global shift towards more plant-based food as many people become mindful of their choice of food and how it aligns with their sense of self and values. Whether you are just making the change today or have been living a plant-based lifestyle for years, our hope is to support you as much as possible in becoming a mindful you.

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